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One of the most frequently asked questions about superheroes is that what would happen if they were real. Most people would go for a naive answer, which is that they would be righteous and helpful all the time. However, I think that today’s show gives us a more realistic answer: They would be extremely corrupted by their superpowers.

The Boys is a satirical superhero show created by Eric Kripke, starring Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, and Antony Starr. It tells the story of a group of vigilantes, The Boys, try to take down an international superhero company called Vought and their superhero team named The Seven. The second season picks up where we have left off and follows our vigilantes trying to release the use of Compound V to the mainstream media.

First of all, the story is so immersive and fun as it focuses on the daily actions of corrupted superheroes and shows their true, sinister sides. In this season, we see the boys struggle to take down Vought as wanted people, meanwhile, Vought is also struggling with the emergence of numerous supervillains. Throughout the season, the boys try to uncover what Vought has been doing secretly so that they can destroy their power over the media. To do that, they continuously try to find new and tangible evidences for Vought’s evil plans. At the same time, the heroes of The Seven are doing what they are instructed to do: killing superterrorists, showing their heroic and lovely side in front of the cameras, etc. Both sides of the story are morally ambiguous and ready to do what they need to do for their goals.

Secondly, this season’s storytelling and worldbuilding are amazing. Throughout the season, the show gives us multiple plot points and character arcs, develops them properly for episodes, and concludes all of them excellently with great action sequences, a vast range of unique characters, unexpected moments, and shocking reveals. Even though the season might become slow and overly repetitive at times, it still delivers an impressive story with many twists and turns.

Thirdly, both the new and the old characters are intriguing in this season. The old ones are welcoming, even the wicked ones, and the new ones are exciting thanks to their masterfully-crafted character arcs, their developments, and, of course, the amazing acting performances given by the cast. To clarify: in a show like this, which has all the different emotions such as excitement, fright, joy, and sadness, the actors are doing incredible jobs by making the characters so convincing and fun to watch.

Lastly, the cinematography and the soundtrack of this season are superb like the first season. The show features impressive stationary shots as well as great use of camera work in big action sequences. In addition to them, the cinematography also conveys the emotional side of the story and contribute to storytelling. Another essential component is the soundtrack album, which features wonderful songs from various eras and powerful original pieces that perfectly fit the show’s overall tone.

In short, I think that the second season of The Boys is fantastic and even better than the first season. It has an immersive story, excellent storytelling, interesting characters, superb cinematography, and a fantastic soundtrack. Although it sometimes becomes exceedingly violent, which has always been the same and is understandable, it’s still an awesome show to follow and a recommendation from me.

RATING: 9/10


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