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Today’s movie is unique in a way that it features only one character on camera and one place. It’s a great example, which shows that a film doesn’t need top-notch cinematography, an over-the-top production, or a never-before-seen ensemble cast to be good. A powerful screenplay and brilliant acting performances can go a long way.

Locke is a drama movie directed by Steven Knight, starring Tom Hardy. It tells the story of a successful construction director named Ivan Locke experiencing pivotal events that will change his life forever.

At first, the story of this film is quite compelling. It features a man named Ivan Locke, who drives his car to London to be with a woman that is giving birth to his baby as a result of their one-night-stand. Because of this situation, he has to leave his work for one night, which happens to be one of the most important days of his career. However, he’s already made up his mind and decides to go with it. Additionally, he’s also married with two children and has to explain what he’s done to his wife and children. The story unfolds as he drives to London dealing with the woman he once hooked up with, his family, and his extremely burdensome work as a construction manager.

Next, the movie’s storytelling is what makes it so good. The story constantly follows the main character, Ivan Locke, as he drives his car and talks to people on his phone. Even though the concept seems boring at first, I can assure you that the quality of the screenplay and the acting performances make this film a superb drama. As I said, the movie may seem dull at first sight, but the dialogues are so well-written that they make the movie highly immersive and you wouldn’t stop watching it as you go along with the main character through his emotional journey, witnessing his hardships and actions. In addition to that, the acting in this movie is also excellent. Tom Hardy does an impeccable job of portraying this complex character that goes through a poignant and impactful journey, masterfully showing Ivan Locke’s personal growth throughout the story. Apart from all those, the only thing I can actually complain about the story is its ending, which I don’t think that was bad or anything but I wish it was more self-explanatory and didn’t feel anti-climactic to me.

Lastly, the movie’s cinematography and the soundtrack are also decent. They are not unforgettable on their own, however, they perfectly fit the movie’s overall atmosphere and the character’s situation. In other words, they are small but good additions to the story.

On the whole, I think Locke is an excellent drama film with a great story, exceptional storytelling, a splendid acting performance, decent cinematography, and a nice soundtrack. Its conclusion may feel inadequate but it’s still a terrific movie I’d recommend.

RATING: 9/10


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