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Today, we are going to be reviewing an exciting action movie with an interesting concept and an immersive plot. It truly grips the audience right from the start to the end and is definitely an enjoyable ride.

Source Code is an action movie directed by Duncan Jones, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. It tells the story of a soldier, who wakes up in another man’s body and has to find the bomber of a commuter train within 8 minutes.

First of all, the story is captivating. A soldier named Colter Stevens wakes up and finds himself in a different man’s body, who is a passenger on a commuter train that will explode within 8 minutes. After that, Colter finds out that he is a part of a secret military program called Source Code, in which his consciousness can be inserted into another person. With the help of this program, Colter tries to find the bomb and the bomber in 8 minutes as he relives the same time interval every time he fails to succeed. This story certainly gives our character a solid motivation and his perseverance makes us care about and root for him.

Secondly, the film’s storytelling is exciting with its constantly thrilling atmosphere and the great mystery that our character is struggling to solve. Because of the imminent danger that Colter has to prevent, the movie perpetually keeps us on edge. Right from the start, the film dives into the main plot, explains the main concept in time, and goes on with its action-packed story. Moreover, the main character, Colter Stevens, is a wonderful character that we can all care about. We try to empathize with his struggles, see the mind-bending things he experiences, and witness his personal development. In short, he is a well-written character that fits the movie’s setting. Apart from these, there are some things I dislike such as the supporting characters’ personalities and the bad guy’s motivation. I think the characters, except for the protagonist, didn’t have enough screen time to develop properly.

Lastly, the movie’s cinematography and the soundtrack are also good. To be honest, they aren’t particularly excellent or anything but they hold up well. The cinematography has some impressive shots and a nice atmosphere. Furthermore, the soundtrack has some decent pieces of music that blends in with the film’s general tone.

Overall, I think that Source Code is a great movie with an intriguing story, a captivating narrative, an excellent protagonist, good cinematography, and a fitting soundtrack album. Despite its lack of character development on the supporting cast and the dullness of the villain, it’s a superb film that I’d certainly recommend.

RATING: 9/10


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