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Today’s movie is fundamentally a mockumentary movie, in which we see extreme satire on people’s lives and absurd stereotypes in different nations and cultures. It’s a comedy film that may not be liked by everyone but would be praised by people with a similar sense of humor.

Borat is a comedy-drama film directed by Larry Charles and written by Sacha Baron Cohen, starring Sacha Baron Cohen. It tells the story of a Kazakh journalist named Borat Sagdiyev, who travels through the USA to make a documentary that shows real-life interactions with American people.

The story is absurd at its core. Borat Sagdiyev is a famous Kazakh journalist that is tasked to go to the USA so that he can learn many things there and contribute to his great nation of Kazakhistan. However, when he is in New York, he falls in love with Pamela Anderson and decides to go to California so that he can win her love and marry her. As I mentioned earlier, this film is in a documentary style, which means that many scenes are shot and acted like a documentary. In this way, the film feels so natural and sincere in my opinion.

Similarly, the movie’s storytelling embraces absurd comedy as its main component, which results in many over-the-top ridiculously hilarious scenes combined with some of the cringiest scenes I’ve ever watched. To explain, I’d like to say that some scenes are really hilarious that I still giggle when I randomly think of them even hours after watching the movie. On the other hand, there are some scenes that show a few ridiculous situations Borat is in and they are so embarrassing to the point that I wished I hadn’t watched them. Nevertheless, both kinds of scenes fit the movie so well. Additionally, the characters are also great thanks to the film’s entertaining screenplay and their fantastic acting with perfect comedic timing and humorous delivery.

Other components are the cinematography and the soundtrack. To be frank, they are excellent or anything but they are compatible with the general tone of the movie. The cinematography feels completely natural as it was shot in a documentary style, yet it doesn’t feature mesmerizing shots are stunning views. On the other hand, the soundtrack album is fairly decent and funny with some original pieces and Kazakh folk music.

All in all, I think Borat is quite entertaining with its absurd story, hilarious storytelling, interesting characters, and, undoubtedly, a superb and unique sense of humor. It may not be funny for everyone but it is an absolute gem for the fans of the genre.

RATING: 8.5/10


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