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The first Borat movie was released in 2006 and it was a sensational film. Now, 14 years later, our lovely reporter Borat Sagdiyev returns for the delivery of a prodigious bribe to the American regime to make benefit the once glorious nation of Kazakhstan.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is a comedy movie directed by Jason Woliner, starring Sacha Baron Cohen and Maria Bakalova. It tells the story of the famous Kazakh reporter Borat Sagdiyev trying to deliver a gift to the American regime to make Kazakhstan great again.

Firstly, the story takes place 14 years after the events that happened in the first movie. In the beginning, Borat is on sentence in Gulag for making Kazakhstan a laughing stock after what he did in the first film. However, luckily for him, he is given another chance to redeem himself by delivering a precious gift, which is literally a monkey, to the current American regime. Unfortunately, things go wrong when reaches the USA and he has to change plans. Instead of delivering the monkey as a gift, he decides to deliver his daughter Tutar Sagdiyev, who smuggled in a crate, to the vice president Mike Pence. As you see, the story is absurdity at its best and it perfectly creates a context for a comedy movie.

Secondly, the movie’s storytelling contributes greatly to the comedic genius of it. This movie has the same sincere feeling as the first film with its use of handheld camera, hilariously natural interactions between the characters, and the real-life settings and events. Furthermore, it’s also an excellent parody of the ridiculousness of many things in the world. The film makes our main character, Borat, experience numerous weird and crazy events that truly shock the audience. It’s surprising but also refreshing to see a movie that honest and explicit on the mainstream media. As for the jokes and gags themselves, I can say that the first film was more hilarious and had more unforgettable moments of comedy. Despite that, I still think that this movie is still immersive and doesn’t get boring at all even though it doesn’t make the audience laugh that much. Other than that, the characters are great, especially Borat Sagdiyev. Additionally, his daughter Tutat Sagdiyev was a great supporting character as well.

Thirdly, I’d like to talk about the cinematography and the soundtrack. The cinematography is not amazing or anything, instead, it has a very natural feeling to it with the constant use of a handheld camera and some good shots of everyday life and settings. Apart from that, the soundtrack album is also decent with a number of folksongs and original pieces.

All in all, I think Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is a pretty good comedy movie with an absurd story, hilarious storytelling, entertaining characters, unique cinematography, and a fitting soundtrack. Even though it didn’t make me laugh that much, I still enjoyed it thoroughly and would recommend it. Very nice!

RATING: 8/10


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