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Some may say that animated movies are exclusively for kids, and they would be wrong. Animations can cover many serious topics such as the importance of going after what we want, love in family and friendships, separations, the future of the world, etc. Today’s movie focuses on another inevitable aspect of life: death.

Coco is an animated movie directed by Lee Unkrich and produced by Pixar, one of the most successful film studios ever. It tells the story of a Mexican kid named Miguel, who finds himself on a fantastic journey on the Day Of The Dead.

Our main character is Miguel, a kid who desires to be a musician like his role model, Ernesto de la Cruz, but Miguel’s family has banned music because of his great-great-grandfather abandoned the family to pursue a career in music decades ago. However, this ban doesn’t stop Miguel from going after his dreams. He sneakily picks up the guitar of de la Cruz from his tomb and plays it, unknowingly teleporting himself to the land of the dead. In there, he has to find a way to go back to the living world and go on with his life. With this plot in hand, I think that the story and storytelling are just amazing. The movie follows the main character through a magnificent new world and makes him face incredible challenges along the way. Furthermore, it explores death, a rather dreary concept, in such a creative way that it not only shows kids what death might be like but also changes the adults’ perception of it drastically. It shows how death is a path to another life instead of the grim ending most people think it is. In addition to this awesome storytelling, the characters are also great, consisting of both the living and the dead. They are great contributors to the story and the character development of Miguel, moreover, actors’ voice acting performances even further elevates the characters’ excellence.

Another essential part of the movie is its world-building, particularly its display of the afterlife. In general, the afterlife is told with such elegance and naivetè that you don’t feel much despair and gloominess, which is commonly associated with the film’s main theme: death. Certainly, this kind of world-building is an obvious result of a top-notch cinematography and a terrific soundtrack. The cinematography is unbelievable with breathtaking visuals and perfect animations. Additionally, the film’s soundtrack is a piece of art with its valuable scores and extremely catchy original songs.

Ultimately, I think that Coco is one of the best movies in recent history with its superb story, flawless storytelling, compelling characters, amazing world-building, splendid cinematography, and exceptional soundtrack. It’s definitely a must-watch for all the film lovers out there.

RATING: 10/10


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