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It would be an underestimation to say that Sherlock Holmes is a famous character. He is not only famous but also a worldwide phenomenon, a cultural icon. Even his surname can be an exciting factor for a new movie, which is exactly the case for today’s film.

Enola Holmes is a crime drama directed by Harry Bradbeer, starring Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill. It tells the story of Enola Holmes, the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes, going on an adventure to find her missing mother and unraveling a mystery surrounding a young Lord.

The story starts quite interestingly. At first, we see Enola learning that her mother has disappeared mysteriously, bringing back both Mycroft and Sherlock to their family home. After that, we watch as Enola decides to take matters into her own hands and starts a journey to the heart of England to find her matter. While she is on the run, she runs into a young man named Tewksbury, a fresh new Lord for an important noble family, and they find themselves in a situation that is much more dangerous than they have expected. In my opinion, the film should’ve revolved around a single mystery instead of two. In that way, we would be able to see even more of Enola’s crime-solving abilities, instead of her rather boring romance, and we would watch a more intriguing and exciting story. Still, the story is fun to follow. What I like most about this movie is its storytelling, which has the main character, Enola, telling the story as she experiences it by breaking the 4th wall continuously. Personally, I love this kind of storytelling, because enables the protagonist to form a connection between her and the audience, which makes her both relatable and likeable. Speaking of the characters, I think the other characters weren’t explored enough to make the audience feel truly excited for them. Even Sherlock Holmes doesn’t have that many big scenes, which totally understandable as he is not the center of this story. However, I wish there were more pivotal scenes of him using his intelligence and wit to their limits. Despite the lack of depth in the supporting characters, the actors still do great jobs with the script in hand. Millie Bobby Brown, specifically, does an excellent job portraying a rather daring character by making her stand out among her more famous brothers. On the contrary, there is another problem with characters, which is Netflix’s portrayal of a few characters. Netflix’s love for diversity and political correctness strikes once again in this movie and gives us some unfaithful character depictions that we would never have imagined elsewhere.

Moreover, the cinematography of this movie has two sides. One side is the cinematography of the countryside with beautiful and scenic views, the other one is the city with a strange-looking CGI, on which they should have worked more. Furthermore, the soundtrack is also nice and fits the atmosphere.

In short, I can say that Enola Holmes is a decent movie with a lovely protagonist and a fast-paced story. Even with its flaws like the lack of depth in supporting characters, mediocre CGI, and some boring parts in the story, it’s still an OK movie to watch.

RATING: 6/10


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