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Movies that mix comedy and drama can be so enjoyable to watch if they have a fast-pacing narrative, chemistry between the characters, and good writing. Today’s film is one of the good examples of this group.

Focus is a crime drama directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie. It tells the story of a con man, a man pulling tricks to defraud people, named Nicky working on his schemes with a woman he recently met named Jess.

At first, I can say that the movie’s plot is really interesting. There is a con man, a professional at his job, defrauding people with his incredible tricks and stealing lots of money. Meanwhile, he meets a new woman, a rookie at pulling schemes, and teaches how to be better at theft. In addition, the storytelling is fairly decent thanks to its well-written dialogues, the order of the scenes, and great chemistry between the main characters. Speaking of which, the characters are quite entertaining to watch, but they lack the personal depth I’d love to see on them. I think they’re still great, but I’d like to see even more character-defining moments that would elevate their personal development. However, it’s still amazing to see such talented actors playing these characters in the best ways possible, their performances are superb. Another important thing about the movie is that it has many twists and turns, which are sometimes so many that it gets crazier and more enjoyable to watch.

Next, in my opinion, the movie also shines with its choice of music and cinematography. For example, it has some iconic songs such as Sympathy For The Devil by Rolling Stones, and some decent soundtrack pieces that fit the overall atmosphere of the film. Furthermore, it features simple yet effective cinematography. To illustrate, I don’t think the visuals are mesmerizing or stunning in any way, however, they still fit the movie’s tone. They don’t feel forced, instead, they feel authentic and natural.

In summary, I think that Focus is a lovely movie with its simple and fun story and fast-paced narrative. It may not feature incredibly deep and complex characters, but it succeeds in what it’s trying to do, giving the audience a story they can follow easily and enjoy. Moreover, it has a great soundtrack album and some excellent acting performances. It is an enjoyable film with many surprises that hold your attention throughout its runtime, and I’d certainly recommend it.

RATING: 8,5/10


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