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The horror and thriller genres make an excellent combination. Those kinds of movies both frighten us and keep us on the edge of our seats all the time. Besides, they also make us think of our deepest fears for the sake of entertainment, and I think this, when done right, is enjoyable. Today, I’m reviewing a great example of those kinds of movies.

Get Out is a horror-thriller directed and written by Jordan Peele, starring Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams. It tells the story of an African-American man going to a secluded house to meet his white girlfriend’s parents only to find out that they are not what he would wish them to be.

To begin with, the story itself is quite relatable. A young man goes to meet his partner’s parents and is understandably nervous, which is unfortunately backed up by the fact that he is black. Because of that, he is anxious about this experience at first. Fortunately, when he first meets them, he grows to like them. However, things get really uneasy in the house and eventually reaches a boiling point for both sides of the story.

In addition to the story, the storytelling is also amazing. Even though it may feel a bit slow-paced at times, it perfectly creates this uneasy and disturbing atmosphere that distinguishes this film from many other horror flicks. The main character, Chris, experiences many strange events and comes across some weird people throughout the first half of the movie. Because of these, he gets extremely suspicious of the family and begins to get stressed. These parts of the story are told masterfully and are supported by top-notch acting performances that set up the characters perfectly.

Additionally, the movie also separates itself with its lack of cheap jump scares. In my opinion, horror movies shouldn’t be defined with annoyingly loud and pointless jump scares, instead, they should evoke deep fears in the viewers and make them feel frightened not just on their own but also for the characters. This movie does horror exceptionally well by giving us a truly horrific environment and situation that we can actually feel creeped out.

Another good thing this film does is the use of cinematography and music. It takes place in an isolated house in the middle of nowhere and features a compatibly serene nature with peaceful surroundings. Similarly, the choice of music fits impeccably, making the audience feel the terror and the madness Chris goes through.

All in all, I think that Get Out is a fantastic horror movie with a great story and superb storytelling. Furthermore, it lacks all the terrible features of most of the modern horror movies and gives us a powerful experience with a remarkable main character and admirable directing.

RATING: 9/10


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