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A story, particularly a screenplay, is one of the most important components of any movie. A story can be simple, complex, or unpredictable. In any way, a good story, coupled with equally good storytelling, form a plot for a movie that can receive praise. Today’s film features one of the best examples of screenplay writing and storytelling of all time.

Parasite is a drama movie directed by Bong Joon-ho, starring Kang-Ho Song. It tells the story of the destitute Kim family trying to get jobs for themselves in the big house of the wealthy Park family.

As I mentioned earlier in this review, this movie has one of the best screenplays of all time. Its plot is so thrilling and unpredictable that it’s nearly impossible to lose focus on it. Besides, it’s also a comedy movie, featuring a hilarious example of dark humor. It gives the audience some absurd dialogues and situations in such unexpected ways that it’s hard not to laugh or giggle. Furthermore, this movie is also a criticism of the class system, subtly mocking the lifestyle of both the rich and the poor families, and drawing attention to the massive difference between them. Moreover, the film shows us what humans are capable of doing to fulfill their unsuppressed desires by making its characters try unbelievable things for their wants without thinking about others.

Another crucial thing about the movie is that the members of the two families, Kim and Park, are at the core of this story. Their personalities, prejudices, and actions define what they represent and stand for. Speaking of which, the movie also has many symbolizations, displayed through the main characters and certain objects. Markedly, the characters are so natural, displaying highly realistic aspects of human nature such as ambition, selfishness, and greed. These brilliant features are even further improved by the actors’ powerful performances.

Lastly, another stunning thing about this movie is its cinematography, which makes the audience feel like they’re actually in or at the locations the film takes place in. The visuals are captivating, catching the viewer’s attention instantly, and the transitions are top-notch, likes of which are rare in the movie industry nowadays. Likewise, the soundtrack is also beautiful, with pieces that fit the narrative perfectly.

Undoubtedly, Parasite is one of my favorite movies ever with its mind-blowing and extraordinary story, compelling characters, and marvelous cinematography. It is a superb example of what an impeccable screenplay should be like and definitely one of my top recommendations.

RATING: 10/10

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Seyfettin Çetin
Seyfettin Çetin
19 thg 10, 2020

This is a great movie. It definitely deserves 10/10.


Recep Buğra DEMİRCİ
Recep Buğra DEMİRCİ
18 thg 10, 2020

I really liked the way you review! Keep going 💪

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