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Some movies are just timeless, they don’t get old as years go by. They feature such rich stories and interesting characters that they define their time’s pop culture and can be enjoyed by people even after so many years. Today’s pick is one of those movies.

Reservoir Dogs is a crime drama directed by Quentin Tarantino, starring Harvey Keitel and Tim Roth. It tells the story of a group of thieves trying to figure out who is the rat after their heist plan goes horribly wrong.

To begin with, I’d like to talk about the movie’s story and storytelling technique. It has non-linear storytelling, a key element in all of Tarantino’s works, which means that the scenes we watch are not in chronological order. There’s a heist gone wrong and the thieves are trying to find out who is responsible for leaking information. Consequently, we get a lot of flashback scenes as the characters tell the event from their points of view. This type of storytelling may sometimes make the movie a little bit difficult to keep track of, but it also serves as an interesting example of how a movie’s order can improve its impact on viewers. Nevertheless, I think this kind of non-linear narrative negatively affects the film’s pacing, giving too much space between the movie’s climactic and peak scenes. However, the film is still enjoyable to follow and makes the audience be curious about it. Another important part is the characters, whose names are colors because they should remain anonymous. They are fun and crazy, just like many other characters of Tarantino. Nonetheless, they are not that deep, not featuring any kind of intriguing background story or complex morals. Instead, they are representative of the situation they’re in and are carrying the story to its ending. Notwithstanding, they are still entertaining in their own twisted and violent ways.

Moreover, this movie also has some remarkable cinematography and an even better soundtrack. The film’s cinematography features an atmosphere that feels natural with simple camera angles, some good one-takes, and a couple of iconic shots in lieu of mesmerizing visuals or stunning views. Furthermore, the film’s soundtrack is simply awesome, consisting of iconic and catchy songs from the previous decades.

All in all, Reservoir Dogs is a superb movie with a captivating story, a compelling narrative technique, and a terrific soundtrack album. Even though its characters may feel a bit empty and dull, they are still interesting to follow and be entertained with, coupled with the actors’ great performances. It’s definitely a timeless movie that everyone can enjoy.

RATING: 8.5/10


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